MONDAY 21 NOV 2022 12:00 PM


In 2022, EQRx and Ph.Creative took home 'Best creative execution of the employer brand' at the Employer Brand Management Awards following their success in a multitude of categories.

EQRx wanted to celebrate its differences. It took what sets it apart from the rest of its industry – its unique approach to its employer brand – and highlighted that across its communications channels. Working with Ph.Creative, EQRx developed an internal engagement programme that ensured employees were able to share their true selves at work.

The stories were collected and then rendered into beautiful illustrations. These illustrations were then built into a ’Tapestory’, or embroidered quilt telling the story of EQRx. Ph.Creative also developed a digital book and film series comprised of the stories shared by employees.

Not only was this campaign a success in terms of employee engagement, but it set out EQRx’s positioning as an employer. And its creativity and beauty was beloved by judges. “An original idea and creative output,” said one. Another added, “A great way to bring about digital innovation, capture content and embed it in the long term process for the employer brand.” Some praised the employee engagement, the storytelling innovation and the unique concept.

It was a clear winner throughout the Employer Brand Management Awards and a worthy recipient of this year’s ‘Best creative execution of the employer brand’ prize.



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