MONDAY 4 SEP 2017 1:36 PM


The annual CIPR Inside Conference remains one of the foremost events taking place within communications. Its alternating emphasis from year to year specifies the contingent realities of IC, and as this year’s conference invites practitioners from across the global communications landscape, its focus on ‘Making it Count,’ centres itself on the impact of IC on various developing aspects of the workplace.

Taking place at the Hilton Wembley, London, on Wednesday 1 November 2017, the upcoming CIPR Inside Conference offers delegates a first look at new research geared towards discovering what CEOs want from an internal communications function. Key themes include both the perception of IC, as well as driving its performance and productivity. Yet the conference also aims to exemplify successful examples of ‘what good looks like,’ with the focal point firmly focused on the value of IC.

This year’s conference takes a structural turn however, as the second half of the event seeks to give delegates full control over the day’s agenda, shaping the afternoon content through delegate-driven discussions and topic points sourced from the mixture of IC experience in attendance.

Jenni Field, CIPR Inside chair, says, “I’m really excited about the research project this year. Talking to CEOs, really understanding what they want from internal communications and giving our members the tools to make a strong commercial impact on their organisations is a huge step forward for us. As an industry, we have talked about having a seat at the table for a long time – but at this event we can put that phrase to bed once and for all.”

Attendees can expect a full list of speakers to be announced across CIPR Inside’s social channels in the coming weeks, with early bird ticket prices available up until midnight on Friday 29 September.