In the midst of rebrands, mergers and acquisitions, changes in communications, business repositioning and increased competition, internal communications professionals across the UK have proved their value to the effectiveness of an organisation. At this year’s CIPR #InsideStory Awards, the winners had to face those challenges and more in their work over the course of the year. And they succeeded.

Seven years ago, the Equality Act 2010 was passed by the UK parliament. This ground-breaking piece of legislation gives employees the right to challenge discrimination in the workplace due to certain personal characteristics, including disability. Mental health falls into this category; employees suffering from debilitating mental health issues are by law protected against discrimination from the recruitment stage onwards. Yet all too often, sector reports emerge which show employers are still failing to react to the negativity and blasé treatment which mental health issues sometimes cause in organisations.


For the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC), developing a succinct understanding of IC is crucial to sustaining an organisation that, for over 65 years, has set the pace for the internal communications profession. Through cultivating career development programmes, providing qualifications and representing over 1,000 industry professionals, the annual IoIC National Awards recognise best practice within the sector.
With digital integration advancing at a rate faster than ever seen before, developing trends and ongoing technological discoveries has given rise to an age of global digitalisation. Yet beyond a pocket-sized social presence and a collection of digital platforms, a set of recent studies point to approximately 50% of the world now having access to the world wide web.
As the dust settles in Davos, last month’s World Economic Forum brought into sharp focus the need for sustainability among businesses. With the key themes of globalisation and corporate responsibility shining through as top priority, calculating the world’s most sustainable companies has, for over 10 years, developed in tandem with the global business outlook on climate change.
Working closely with a wide range of industry trailblazers, the PRCA Digital Awards are set to showcase a plethora of outstanding projects within the digital arena. In the same way, the curation of a balanced, professional and experienced judging platform underpins the true value of industry success. This week, the PRCA announces its judging panel to accompany the launch of the highly-anticipated awards programme.
Brimming with collaborative projects that showcase prized efforts in the sponsorship industry, the ESA Excellence Awards 2016, hosted by the European Sponsorship Association, took place in London’s Porchester Hall last week, marking a decade of European sponsorship success. The awards offer a unique glance into the world of sponsorships, with a range of industry professionals from diverse backgrounds gathering to share experiences, network and celebrate a growing calibre of cross-sector collaboration.
From data driven IC and the employer brand to organisational culture, internal communication remains a prominent part of global business development. Capturing this, the annual Internal Communications Conference, hosted by global event organiser, BOC, gathers IC professionals from diverse backgrounds to lead the charge towards employee engagement and wider communications strategy.
Each year over 7000 towns and cities worldwide participate in Earth Hour, shutting off non-essential lights and affirming a symbolic commitment to global energy conservation. As the initiative, organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), continues its campaign to increase engagement, a new push to bring Earth Hour to religious places of worship aims to showcase interfaith communications in a new light.
Taking centre stage across a growing number of professions, the integration of digital has seen communications redefine the way organisations function. The world of PR, from content to distribution, is no exception.
Bringing together the varying strands of an organisation is no mean feat, with departments continuing to vary and workplaces more diverse than ever, unity is often the golden goose of an organisation’s output. A recent charitable campaign by Scotch company Chivas Brothers brought together over 130 of its employees in a day-long refurbishment project.