Viewers of Charlie Brooker’s annual Screenwipe programme and its spin-off, Moments of Wonder, will know of Philomena Cunk, a self-proclaimed ‘idiot’ regularly found questioning the state of the world – and more simple problems, such as, ‘Where is the money in a coin?’ However, Diane Morgan, the actor and comedian behind Cunk, has recently come to the forefront of the branded content landscape. A recent campaign sees her partner with retail bank First Direct to encourage its audience to branch out and try new things.

A staple of the UK drinking scene, tequila is one of the most divisive liqueurs – as well as one of the most popular. A regional product from near the city Tequila, situated in the Mexican state of Jalisco, the tequila drink is distilled from the blue agave plant. Although served with a slice of lime and side of salt in most parts of the world, tequila is traditionally served neat in Mexico. Yet, all too often, those who drink tequila do so unaware of its unique regional characteristics and origins.


In the seven years since the launch of the Digital Impact Awards, the frontline of digital communications has evolved. Almost every aspect of digital, from big data to SEO, today faces a bigger, smarter and more agile audience. Yet each successful project at this year’s Digital Impact Awards illustrates an intuitive and focused drive towards innovative communications, with the awards’ programme highlighting just how diverse the landscape is.
Digital intelligence is fast becoming a highly sought-after component within the bulk of professional sectors. Yet despite its prized affinity with an array of modern professions, cultivating a strong digital presence requires an arsenal of expertise. Creative consultancy, Living Group, has operated across a wealth of industries that have, since the agency’s inception in 2004, begun to embrace the potential for digital-driven strategy. Yet as the latest Living Ratings suggest that the asset management sector is lagging on digital implementation, a stronger digital focus may be required.
Entering its sixth year, the Corporate & Financial Awards continues to reward best practice in cross-sector City communications. Yet as the awards’ growth sees entry statistics increase incrementally, the myriad challenges that face corporate communications persist. For communicators and those that influence the City, the awards offer the only immediate consideration of quality within corporate communications.
Formed as the business division of City, University of London, Cass Business School’s proximity to the bustling core of London’s central business district strengthens its position amongst the top 10 business schools in the UK. Established in 1966, the school registers over 4,000 students in both undergraduate and postgraduate study, awarding bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees as one of less than 70 schools accredited by the Association of MBAs.
Across the business landscape, the employer brand continues to bear increasing relevance to the development of company strategy. Whilst brands continue to look beyond the horizons of audience and consumer patterns, many have now turned the scope inwards, defining unique and valuable employer brand positions. Rewarding those that promote a positive internal culture, the Employer Brand Management Awards remains the only thoroughfare between execution and recognition.
The annual CIPR Inside Conference remains one of the foremost events taking place within communications. Its alternating emphasis from year to year specifies the contingent realities of IC, and as this year’s conference invites practitioners from across the global communications landscape, its focus on ‘Making it Count,’ centres itself on the impact of IC on various developing aspects of the workplace.
It is an often-overlooked fact that arthritis wields several varied classifications, from gout and pseudo-gout to rheumatoid and septic, there are over 200 types of arthritis. The disorder’s occurrence is closely tied to aging, however in many cases its onset is sudden, and its incurability can, at times, lead to life threatening debilitation. Affecting over 10 million people in the UK, arthritis remains a major public health priority.
The prime minister’s plans for more binding votes on remuneration took a turn earlier this week as a proposed crackdown on corporate governance was, for the second time, abandoned by Theresa May. The U-turn comes after May’s initial plans, set out in November 2016, revealed broad discrepancies with the realities of the corporate landscape. Yet despite notable efforts from business professionals to curtail corporate excess, questions around transparency, pay ratios and accountability continue to hold relevance.
Telecom service provider O2 has expanded its ‘Wear the Rose’ sponsorship campaign with England Rugby, providing support for the England Women’s Rugby Team as it begins its title defence during this month’s world cup competition. The campaign features an impassioned film showcasing the team’s top plays while reaffirming the Red Roses’ position as a leading force within the sport’s international growth.