FRIDAY 11 MAY 2018 3:49 PM


British summers, though unpredictable, can be among the best in the Western hemisphere. Rolling green countryside, undulating blue coastline and endless parkland stretching across cities offers an escape for even the most urban of dwellers. That is, until hay fever strikes.

The NHS predicts that around a fifth of the UK’s population suffers from hay fever, caused by allergens such as pollen and grass that circulate as the air gets warmer. And, while usually not dangerous, the effect of constant symptoms can cause untold misery for the sufferer.

To help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever and provide sufferers with relief during the warmer spring and summer months, leading provider of pharmaceutical medicine company, Perrigo, has partnered with the Met Office to better inform sufferers of pollen counts and hazardous areas. Responsible for predicting and communicating the UK’s weather forecast since 1854, the Met Office is primed to be the first source of information for hay fever sufferers. As such, the organisation is a prime partner for a campaign focused on an affliction caused by changes in the weather.

Digital in its focus, the ‘Take back the summer’ partnership and campaign aims to both inform and entertain the brands' current audiences - while attracting new followers for Perrigo's channels. Particularly concentrated around the Met Office’s digital channels, the campaign includes sponsorship of the pollen widget on the Met Office home page, takeover advertising featured on the pollen forecast page and mobile banners on the Met Office app.

Social media activity across the Met Office’s channels, a daily co-branded pollen forecast and brand-led advice when pollen forecast is high or around relevant national events also forms the core part of Perrigo’s content strategy.

Holly Turner, senior marketing director at Perrigo, says, “We are delighted to be working in exclusive partnership with the Met Office on our ‘Take back summer campaign,’ which will highlight how our products defend against and provide relief from the symptoms of hayfever. Beconase and Prevalin can help people take control of their allergies, improve their quality of life, and take back summer.”

Given the proliferation of warm weather across the UK in recent weeks, it seems likely the nuisance of hay fever is set to remain - at least in the short term. The partnership between Perrigo and the Met Office is a clear example of how digital content can not only sell a product, but provide hope for legions of hay fever sufferers.

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