MONDAY 4 FEB 2019 12:58 PM


Outdoor advertising company Clear Channel UK has turned to new LED light tubes to provide more sustainable lighting in bus shelters across the UK.

In the attempt to improve the sustainability of its bus stops and ad boards, advertising company Clear Channel has started to roll out new Philips LED light tubes, replacing the old fluorescent lights in most Adshel bus shelters across the country.

The new move resonates with how the business operates across the country and with its efforts to achieve a greener media industry. For several times in past years, Clear Channel has been named one of the greenest companies in the UK.

Furthermore, the company’s initiative places Philips LED light tubes among plausible solutions for other businesses’ sustainable lighting and advertising. With more and more companies aiming for sustainability to tackle climate change, Clear Channel is likely to encourage other advertising businesses to adopt similar measures.

The company’s goal is to eventually replace the tubes in all of their Adshel bus shelters with the new lighting provided by Signify. The initiative aims at reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions across the country, but challenges the issue of tube waste as well, as Philips LED lights claim to provide double the lifespan of the original lighting.

“Environment and sustainability is at the heart of how we operate as a business,” Clear Channel CEO Justin Cochrane says, “and we’re delighted to partner with Signify to upgrade the lighting in our Adshel Classic estate at this unprecedented scale.”