UK-based mental health charity Mind has partnered with National Tea Day to encourage people to talk about their mental health ‘over a cuppa.’ The campaign is meant to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and to emphasise that having a conversation about mental health can be as simple as sitting down for a cup of tea.

In a recent survey conducted by Campus Society, the UK’s leading social network for university students, students ranked the top 10 brands they admired most and why, with Nike, Apple and Adidas topping the list.


Signs Express’ “Stronger Together” theme builds on the importance of strong relationships with suppliers and business partners.
Outdoor advertising company Clear Channel UK has turned to new LED light tubes to provide more sustainable lighting in bus shelters across the UK.
French multinational insurance company AXA is a firm supporter of genetic research. To demonstrate its commitment to the field, the company has released a series of videos on the importance of genetics for longer, healthier lives.
For Disney, 2018 was the year of the mouse. To celebrate the world-famous animation icon and his 90th birthday, the company launched this week an interactive 360-degrees VR game to be found on their website.
When British soldiers were sent to India in the 19th century, they had to face one of the world’s oldest diseases. By mixing their portions of quinine with water, sugar and their gin rations, they gave birth to gin and tonic – which is now one of the strongest roots of Fever-Tree’s brand.