MONDAY 11 MAR 2019 12:31 PM


The police constabulary in Lancashire’s new campaign will improve the communication between the public and the police, as well as police investigations, through a new approach to digital policing. This communication strategy is in response to the UK’s policing vision for 2025.

In launching the IF Agency-developed campaign, ‘Switched on to the power of digital,’ the constabulary in Lancashire puts itself ahead in achieving the policing vision for 2025, as it acknowledges the importance of digital police work.

Sarah Gough, staff engagement and internal communications officer at the Lancashire Constabulary, says, “Policing has to adapt and respond to the digital environment, to ensure it can effectively reduce crime, wherever that occurs, on or offline. We are providing the tools and support to ensure officers and staff have the confidence, knowledge and awareness of the digital capabilities available to them.”

The campaign is therefore created to enlighten everybody, but most importantly the police officers themselves, about the influence and possibilities available to them through digital. The campaign includes the first digital experience awareness event being held by the Lancashire police, with more to come during this year.


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