Companies must evolve to survive. For many companies, change is coming rapidly with the new generation of young adults, known as Generation Z. Now, businesses must rise to the challenge of understanding this generation both in terms of bringing them into the workforce and developing brand loyalty among them.

The Clarion Awards celebrates corporate social responsibility and sustainability in film and has recognised creative and innovative films for over a decade. Last year, however, with Evcom’s decision to unite its awards programmes under one banner, the Evcom Industry Awards, it did not host the Clarions.


A study revealed how UK companies aren’t fully prepared to deal with crises related to their values. Hotwire recently released a global study for the role of crisis communications among international brands and their marketing leaders. It comes as no surprise that 47% of marketing leaders were very or quite worried about a crisis event. is known for making travel experiences unforgettable and manages to maintain that positioning through its content strategy. At Christmas, it launched the world’s most sparkly townhouse, the ‘House of Sparkle.’.
The police constabulary in Lancashire’s new campaign will improve the communication between the public and the police, as well as police investigations, through a new approach to digital policing. This communication strategy is in response to the UK’s policing vision for 2025.
YouTube finds itself in hot water again because of brand safety issues. This has been an problem for the platform several times in the past, and is an issue on which numerous experts have criticized it.