WEDNESDAY 26 JUN 2019 11:50 AM


Adding to Visa’s initiatives to celebrate women around the globe, the France 2019 Weekly Roundup is a partnership between the financial giant and Sky Sports, conceived to amplify engagement during the Fifa Women’s World Cup.

Visa has a long history of partnerships aimed at honouring women around the globe. The France 2019 Weekly Roundup echoes the ‘change the game’ global campaign, launched by the financial giant in May to support the World Cup. It fits within the company’s recent moves to honour inclusion in sports and outside, including the Women’s Global Edition of Visa Everywhere in March 2019. This new partnership reiterates the company’s commitment to diversity, an ongoing plan which has been in motion for the past few years.

The company’s efforts to support the Fifa Women’s World Cup are set to generate more engagement for women’s football in the UK, whilst reinforcing Visa’s corporate reputation with further social initiatives and campaigns.

“In order to truly accelerate acceptance of the women’s game,” Starcom’s business director Ben Dalton says, “we wanted to take the narrative for this campaign beyond a straight spot advertising plan. Partnering with the UK's biggest sports news channel to create quality, bespoke and integrated content completely aligns with our commitment to ensure the women's game is given the mainstream prominence it deserves.”

Shot in Sky Sports’ studios, the France 2019 Weekly Roundup will broadcast every Friday for the upcoming weeks and is presented by Laura Woods, who will welcome different sporting guests in studio every week. The partnership has been brokered by media agency Starcom, and it tails a number of other initiatives Visa has in place for the ongoing World Cup, to celebrate women’s achievements and inspire change in future generations of players.

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