FRIDAY 1 MAR 2019 9:51 AM


In 2014, the Women in Communications Career Network (WCCN) was established by London based communications recruiter Ellwood Atfield as an exclusive group for high achieving women in the field of communications. Its purpose was to provide a nexus where women could share both contact information and career advice, because even though communications is a profession dominated by women, they still frequently encounter challenges in the workplace pertaining to their gender.

In 2019, WCCN is rebranding as Women Leaders in Communications with the goal of expanding its reach and continuing to provide a network that will help women overcome workplace obstacles.

As part of its effort to engender continued prosperity for women in communications, in 2018 WCCN hosted five guest speaking events with successful female figures Baroness Patience Wheatcroft, Catherine May, Ann Furedi, Vicky Price and Dame Helena Morrissey, which were attended by over 250 women. The speaking series will continue into this year, when Sue Clark, managing director of a FTSE 100 business, will be giving a talk at a private breakfast event on 21 March.

Women Leaders in Communications is also launching its first report, the ‘Gender and Diversity Policy Toolkit,’ which will serve as a guide for companies looking for tangible methods through which they can improve opportunities for women. Additionally, for those companies that still aren’t fully convinced of the importance of diversity in the workplace, the report will make a strong case underscoring diversity’s significance.

Overseeing WLC’s rebranding initiative is Claire Jarvis, former communications director for German conglomerate company Siemens. She is filling in the chairman position for Nicola Bates, who is now the director of external affairs for the Portman Group. Both say there is a persistent need to eliminate barriers for professional women, and they were confident that the recent rebranding and research conducted by WLC had made great strides in that endeavor.