Lego fosters inclusivity and blends it with play in its new initiative, redesigning the iconic building blocks to host numbers and letters in braille.

Brand design agency I-AM’s group managing director Jon Blakeney works with clients from all over the world. Blakeney details the issues in B2C communications in the financial sector.


In the Publishing Audience Measurement Company Ltd, PAMCo, latest findings i News has jumped above the Guardian to become the most trusted news brand in digital. The ‘See Every Angle’ campaign is an attempt to strengthen the image of the newspaper by reinforcing its centrist editorial values, engage readership in a dynamic way and create trust. It is asking readers to be revolutionary, to take a step back, to drown out the noise and decide for themselves what exactly they think and how they view the world.
London freelance platform, YunoJuno, has released its ‘For Everyone’ report just in time for International Woman’s Day, reaffirming that the gender pay gap still exists within the creative, marketing and PR industries, especially when it comes to freelancing.
After the creation of the Independent Party (TIG) on 18 February, London-based branding and design agency Williams Murray Hamm has crafted branding ideas for the budding party. The Nice Party and the Open Party are the two names that the agency pitched for Chuka Umunna’s 11-strong band of anti-Brexit, pro-EU, centrist MPs.