Though the risk of starting a business will always be massive, digital public relations agency 10Yetis conducted a survey to help business owners minimize this risk to the greatest extent possible. The respondents were asked to choose which facets of their businesses they felt were neglected the most.

To attract Millennials in an increasing competitive global tourism industry, in 2015 the English government announced a £40 m Discover England fund, dedicated to providing the best possible experience for inbound tourists. A product of this new fund is England Originals, an immersive new augmented reality app resulting from a collaboration between London-based marketing agency Hex Digital and England’s Historic Cities (EHC), a consortium of 16 historic destinations across England.


Like it or not, the internet is the means by which most communication is now facilitated. Businesses rely on social media, news aggregators and their own platforms to share content, news and information with their stakeholders. But, with the new European Union copyright directive, the relationship between communications and the internet may be about to fundamentally change.
The Clarion Awards celebrates corporate social responsibility and sustainability in film and has recognised creative and innovative films for over a decade. Last year, however, with Evcom’s decision to unite its awards programmes under one banner, the Evcom Industry Awards, it did not host the Clarions.
Ten years ago, smartphones were only beginning to become commonplace. Social media communications were focused almost wholly on Twitter and Facebook. Companies were still coming to terms with the changes to communications strategy presented by fast-moving digital technology. It was in that context that the Digital Impact Awards were launched.
There are countless memes about Millennials and home ownership. Debt-stricken young people poke fun at themselves and their avocado toast predilections while subtly bemoaning the housing industry’s outdated model and difficult-to-access opportunities. Across the country, home ownership among Millennials has dropped from near 50% to near 20% since 1984, according to the Guardian.
Home to 1.1 million people, but better known for its manufacturing heritage than its digital future, Birmingham is a city at a crossroads. The West Midlands city has an economy that is undergoing change, though, according to insights from jobs site
Corporate affairs directors that are to succeed in the challenging landscape presented by modern communications will need to be courageous. And they should exhibit good judgement.
As per the Chinese zodiac, 2019 is the Year of the Boar. According to Pantone, the 2019 is the year of the colour ‘living coral.’ But for the PRCA, 2019 is the year of digital change, PR professionalisation and a maturation of the market.
If the years of experience were counted between the judges of the inaugural Internal Communications and Engagement Awards it would surely be in the hundreds. If the levels of experience were tallied, it would cover nearly every sector from financial services to government communications to FMCG to professional services to health and more.
In our autumn roundup, we examine events, interviews and news that took place in the last quarter of 2018. Dragon Rouge’s new head of voice, Bee Pahnke, spoke with Communicate magazine and at a Dragon Rouge event about the use of verbal identity in corporate communications.