Hosting its fifth annual Huddle event, global media agency, Mindshare, opened its offices earlier this month to a budding industry crowd. Yet this year’s event sought to move beyond humans, considering some of the more conceptual and visionary feats of modern technological discovery. As talks got underway, organisations such as Google, CNN and Dow Jones spoke candidly on the future of the media landscape.

There’s more to reaching a remote workforce than the latest connected technology or a spanking new intranet. Meaningful engagement will require companies to genuinely listen to what their employees want from their internal channels, and for leaders, middle managers and communication teams to work together to deliver it more effectively


This year, the Metropolitan Police had more than its share of crises to handle in order to keep the city of London running safely and soundly. Its work following the Westminster Bridge terror attack, and subsequently following additional attacks, earned it the honour of the PRCA Award for ‘Crisis and issues management,’ and the ‘In-house team of the year award – public sector.’.
The 1960s was the early age of computing. To make the giant machines run, people were employed specifically to man the spools of tape that fed the primitive computers. Now, almost every job has a digital element to it and, now more than ever, demand for skilled, interested digital employees is rife in the UK.
On a day in which hundreds of football fans lined the streets outside a Wembley hotel hoping for a glimpse of Real Madrid stars, the CIPR Inside conference was in full swing. The annual event played host to internal communications professionals from across the UK, and beyond, as it discussed topics of interest, provided thought-provoking commentary and fostered connections within the community.
What defines Britain in 2017? That’s the question that inspired artists from across Britain to submit 280 postcard designs into the Great British Postcard Competition, sponsored by Saxoprint in association with the Big Issue.
Fish, football, refugees and Fleet Street don’t – at first glance – have a ton in common. But, what they do share is that they are all the subjects of artworks entered into the annual World Art Vote competition.
Banned in Nevada, in parts of India, in Fukoka, Japan, in Eugene, Oregon. Now, banned in London. Shock waves rippled through London as Transport for London (TfL) announced earlier today that Uber would be banned from the streets of the capital, beginning on 30 September.
It seems, after 30 plus years, that the BIMA Awards has finally grown up. Moving away from a longstanding format at the event itself, and a bulky and outdated structure to the awards, the BIMA Awards 2017 has captured the best in British digital communications.
Likes. Clicks. Impressions. It’s all a bit vague. “There’s a real gold rush to produce content,” says Joe McLewin, digital consultant working with animation studio Gorilla Gorilla!, but he adds, “Measurement seems to have been forgotten.”.
Flight was once but a dream. Orville and Wilbur Wright made it a reality. Commercial liners like TWA and Pan Am and BOAC created a new dream of flight. They opened the world up to travellers. Flying became a dream in its own right – but an aspirational one.