Evcom, the event and visual communication association, hosted the Industry Awards for the second time, to celebrate talent across agencies that focus in live, screen or digital communications.

Ali Hanan is the founder of Creative Equals, an award-winning organisation championing diversity and inclusion in the creative industries. Aside from working with businesses to help them move forwards, its mission is to double the number of women in leadership roles over the next 24 months, as just 12% of creative directors in the UK are women.  Hanan discusses Creative Equals’ newly launched Returners Programme, funded by a grant from HMRC


Corporate partnerships, sponsorships and CSR activities are becoming ever more integral to a business’ core operations. This has made the communications surrounding these programmes more challenging, more creative and more important than ever before.
The best corporate content tells a story. It explores a brand positioning. It fascinates. It excites. Those on the shortlist for this year’s Corporate Content Awards exemplify best practice in the development, creation and implementation of storytelling, narrative and content.
Over the past decade, CSR has matured from being perceived as something that’s nice to do, but not integral to a business’ operations to something that impacts corporate reputation, the employer brand and, crucially, a business’ bottom line.
Shipping and logistics firm Maersk is nothing if not intrinsically tied to the ocean. Its fleet of ships is hundreds strong and uses the world’s oceans as a motorway, shuttling goods from place to place and facilitating a globalised economy. But if those oceans become polluted beyond help, that poses a problem not just for fish, but for Maersk’s ability to carry out its services effectively. To lead the charge in changing this, Maersk has announced a revolutionary project to clean up the Pacific plastic patch.
In 2013, Amazon – along with Google and Starbucks – was derided by Brits for their corporate tax practices. To now see it top the list of ‘most reputable retailers’ in the UK shows how far it has come.
A brand for which roads are the very heart, AA has taken to the road to build awareness and increase interaction with its employees.
Non-executive directors play an important role. They offer support for corporate leadership, they bring in external expertise into the business and they can help safeguard corporate reputation. But, according to research by the Non-Executive Directors’ Association (NEDA), their value is still not fully taken advantage of by companies.
The UK is arguably the home of cricket, though it is now a global sport with a passionate, multicultural fanbase. Ahead of the 2019 Cricket World Cup, hosted by England and Wales, that broad supporter base is being highlighted in the World Cup’s communications.
On Monday, a Barnsley FC fan received a letter from the CEO of his favourite club offering him a friendly ear and a word of support. CEO Guathier Ganaye says to the fan, Chris Ryder, that the club had noticed Ryder was going through a hard time, based on his social media posts. He closes the letter by including contact details for the UK’s mental health charity, Mind.