This year’s Cannes Lions opened with high of 30 degrees, and the sense of expectation creeping over the beach front’s historic promenade. Bigger than ever, the annual festival of creativity is set to cover branding, communications and advertising in a style unique to the iconic French coastline. Communicate magazine, with the ICCO, is working to bring readers daily updates about the public relations representation at the 65th festival of creativity.

Public relations is arguably one of the UK’s most important, but least understood, sectors. Rarely on the frontline, public relations practitioners can be found working behind the scenes to ensure the UK’s most vital services continue to function as normal, as well as rise up in the face of adversity. Wednesday night celebrated these unsung heroes at a ceremony in the heart of London.


Faced with ever more discerning and demanding stakeholders, there is an opportunity for corporate communicators to nudge their CEOs towards a more human response – especially when today’s leaders appear willing to take the challenge of authenticity more seriously. How can practitioners become communications superheroes? Jon Barker investigates.