Reputation is big in business. Concerning not only external perceptions, organisational reputation extends to stakeholder engagement, employee retention, overall levels of staff engagement and, crucially, the capacity for a business to generate income. Indeed, the recently published Organisational Resilience Index indicates a global consensus that reputation is the most important element to long-term success in business.

It seems, after 30 plus years, that the BIMA Awards has finally grown up. Moving away from a longstanding format at the event itself, and a bulky and outdated structure to the awards, the BIMA Awards 2017 has captured the best in British digital communications.


Faced with ever more discerning and demanding stakeholders, there is an opportunity for corporate communicators to nudge their CEOs towards a more human response – especially when today’s leaders appear willing to take the challenge of authenticity more seriously. How can practitioners become communications superheroes? Jon Barker investigates.