Hosting its fifth annual Huddle event, global media agency, Mindshare, opened its offices earlier this month to a budding industry crowd. Yet this year’s event sought to move beyond humans, considering some of the more conceptual and visionary feats of modern technological discovery. As talks got underway, organisations such as Google, CNN and Dow Jones spoke candidly on the future of the media landscape.

There’s more to reaching a remote workforce than the latest connected technology or a spanking new intranet. Meaningful engagement will require companies to genuinely listen to what their employees want from their internal channels, and for leaders, middle managers and communication teams to work together to deliver it more effectively


Faced with ever more discerning and demanding stakeholders, there is an opportunity for corporate communicators to nudge their CEOs towards a more human response – especially when today’s leaders appear willing to take the challenge of authenticity more seriously. How can practitioners become communications superheroes? Jon Barker investigates.