We have a vast list of categories which you can enter including corporate websites, reporting, creativity, communications, stakeholder management and team recognition.


Best corporate website

This award is for corporate websites that are used as a portal of information for various stakeholders including analysts, investors and the media. Entries should demonstrate ease of access and navigation as well as address the website’s responsiveness. Please include before and after images that illustrate the development of the website.
• Best corporate website - FTSE 100
• Best corporate website - FTSE 250
• Best corporate website - AIM
• Best corporate website - Small cap
• Best corporate website - International
• Best corporate website - Unlisted



The ‘Best printed report’ award honours reports that successfully use one document to tell an organisation’s corporate story to stakeholders. Submissions should clearly demonstrate the ease of access to key information. Reports entered into this category can include a corporate report or an annual report.

• Best printed report - FTSE 100
• Best printed report - FTSE 250
• Best printed report - AIM
• Best printed report - Small cap
• Best printed report - International
• Best printed report - Unlisted

The ‘Best online report’ award is for the organisations that take the printed report to the next level, using advanced technology to successfully communicate content to its audience. Stronger entries should illustrate how the report has developed since its previous incarnation. Reports entered into this category can include a corporate report or an annual report.
• Best online report - FTSE 100
• Best online report - FTSE 250
• Best online report - AIM
• Best online report - Small cap
• Best online report - International
• Best online report - Unlisted

Best CSR/ESG report
This award honours reports that successfully showcase an organisations commitment to communicating its CSR/ESG principles and the way it informs and influences it’s stakeholder groups. Submissions should clearly demonstrate the ease of access to key information, including metrics and demonstrate the relationship between the work done, the business strategy and the impact made.
• Best printed CSR or ESG report
• Best online CSR or ESG report

Best diversity & inclusion reporting
This award looks at organisations who are clearly reporting online or in print their organisation’s diversity and inclusion strategy and goals either within their annual report or as a stand-alone report. Submissions should clearly show objectives and goals, as well as clearly visualising data.

Best integrated report
This category focuses on how companies integrate their reporting, highlighting all the material factors that will affect the business over the short, medium and long term. Reports should show the interdependence between financial and ESG factors. It will reward organisations who provide accurate and transparent financial reporting and full disclosure of all relevant information to stakeholders.


Best cover
This category recognises the impact the cover design of an annual report can have on analysts, investors and other stakeholders. Judges will look for an imaginative use of design including photography, typography and illustration. Successful entries may explain how the cover effectively communicates the organisation’s strategy, messaging or brand positioning.

Best copy style and/or tone of voice
This award recognises how the copy style or tone of voice used in an annual report best reflects the strategy or positioning of the organisation.


Best M&A communications
This award is for organisations that have successfully communicated a merger or acquisition with various stakeholders. Entries should address how investors were engaged and influenced to stay on board throughout the process. If possible, include statistics on public relations and media coverage.

Best IPO communications
This award recognises effective communications leading up to an IPO. Submissions should include details of how analysts, the media and investors were engaged throughout. Entries are accepted from both British and internationally listed companies.

Most effective crisis communications
This award honours innovative and engaging communication during a crisis. Strong entries should focus on a management-led approach with particular attention paid to effective media relations and the tools involved. An inclusion of analyst views before and after is advised.

Best communication with overseas investors &/or media
This award recognises organisations that communicate effectively with investors and/or media outside of the company’s home country. Successful entries will describe how stakeholders were engaged and the impact those relationships had on the business.

Best use of digital media
This award celebrates organisations that have effectively integrated digital media into their communications outputs. This may include: apps, streaming, research mechanisms, social media activity, use of video, etc. Submissions should show strong results linked to stakeholder engagement.

Most innovative financial communications
This award honours new and engaging ways to reach and communicate with stakeholders. Strong entries include information of why the tool or communication methods fit within the sector in which the company operates. Entries accepted in this category may include: apps, virtual roadshow/event etc.


Best management of corporate & financial media relations
This award is for PR teams that are proactively developing ongoing and new relationships with the media. This could be through hosting a press meeting or event, regularly or as a one-off. Successful entries should explain what the target media audience is and include examples of positive coverage as an outcome.

Best management of investor & analyst relations
This award is for organisations that are proactively developing ongoing and new relationships with analysts or investors. This may be through the hosting of analyst meetings or investor days. Successful entries will exemplify how the communications strategy is reflected in the investor or analyst relations programmes.

Best event
Entries accepted into this category include: AGM, analyst, investor, press meetings or any event set up to engage stakeholders and it can be can be in person, virtual or hybrid. This award recognises events that stand out and reflect the development or successes of a company. Submissions should include objectives and outcomes of the meetings, information on and number of attendees compared to previous instances. 


Please provide an 800-word entry statement. More details of what to include, can be found in our entry guide. Shortlisted companies will be interviewed at their premises.

In-house corporate & financial communications team of the year
This award recognises the best in-house corporate communications team. Past winners succeeded through their ability to communicate with a variety of stakeholders using tailored communications strategies and tools, effectively execute communications campaigns or crisis communications, and engage with all of the organisation’s stakeholders.

Agency or consultancy of the year
This category is split into small and large. Small agencies qualify if they have less than 100 employees. Large agencies are over 100 employees.

This award celebrates the communications agency or consultancy that effectively develops, carries out or supports a corporate communications campaign or partner. Past winners have exemplified the ability to understand and address stakeholders’ needs and to take a proactive, coordinated approach to corporate and financial communications.



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