Entry Fees (ex VAT):

  • £345 for the first entry from each organisation/submitting body.
  • £245 for each subsequent entry from each organisation/submitting body.
  • £245 for any entry from or on behalf of a charity, NGO, pressure group or otherwise NFP organisation. Please call if you think you may be eligible.


Magazine subscribers: Enter by 17 May 2024 to receive £150 off your total entry cost and a fifth entry for free. Non-magazine subscribers: Enter by 17 May 2024 to receive £100 off your total entry cost. A late entry surcharge of £125 will be applied to each entry submitted after 28 June 2024. No entries will be accepted after 12 July 2024.


One payment may be used to cover multiple entries.

You can pay via PayPal online, or by phone via credit card on +44 (0)20 3950 5356 (we are unable to take American Express over the phone).

All entries must be paid for within 14 days or before the judging takes place or they will not be reviewed by the judging panel.

Terms and conditions:

If you submit your entries by 17 May 2024, you will receive a discount on your total entry cost. Please note the following terms and conditions for this offer:

When an organisation submits multiple entries, the early entry discount is applicable on the total entries made in a working day. The discount will only be applied once.

The early entry deadline discount and the charity, NGO or NFP rate cannot be used collectively, and the greater discount will be applied.


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