Ready, Steady, Green!

Starting with 8.5 tonnes of general waste going to landfill, the Fresh Olive Company implemented an environmental campaign to achieve zero landfill status. Being a food manufacturer with 130 employees it was imperative the employees get on board and fully back the initiative. This was both an environmental and internal communications challenge.

Working closely with Veris, they developed a creative stakeholder communications programme – Ready, Steady, Green! that was fun and resulted in operational improvements. The programme educated and inspired employees to do more with less through interactive workshops and visual communications tools. The interest and enthusiasm of the employees is maintained with additional seasonal campaigns.

The results were impressive, with green behaviours being embedded as a central focus of the business. Zero landfill status has been achieved, items have been donated to local charities and inedible food waste is now sent to Anaerobic Digestion which saves an impressive amount of carbon. Together, they proved that sustainable behaviours don’t need to be tedious or boring.

Presented by Stuart Goodman, stakeholder engagement specialist at Veris Strategies and Amy Lipscombe from Belazu Ingredient Company (rebranded from Fresh Olive Company).

Tata Consultancy Services:The digital skills gap: bring the voice of 90 million European youth to policy makers

Tata Consultancy Services, a leading IT services firm, took a youthful approach to highlighting its work across Europe and generating brand awareness with senior public figures and decision makers. A youth and technology themed thought leadership campaign was an ideal fit with TCS – 70% of its global workforce is under the age of 30 and the company has strong working relationships with over 200 European schools.

The campaign also provided the perfect opportunity for TCS to showcase its stalwart support for the digital industry and young talent. The cornerstone of the campaign was a study of Europe’s youth and their attitudes to work and technology, featuring contributions from leading stakeholders including European government bodies, academics and businesses.

The results were impressive. Key partnerships were established, TCS’s image was strengthened, client engagement levels were at 92 % and the social media campaign was widely praised in the traditional press. 

Presented by Ashish Babu, director of communications at Tata Consultancy Services, who will discuss the communications strategy around the campaign.