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Keynote: The impact of employer brand on your company’s reputation

The employer brand is intrinsically linked to a company’s reputation. It benefits from it, but it can also influence reputation and how that company is perceived by employees and prospective employees. Building an employer brand that both aligns with and supports a company’s reputation is of the utmost importance.

From the organisation behind the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For list, Jonathan Austin, CEO, Best Companies, will address this relationship and discuss best practice in employer brand management. 


Jonathan Austin Jonathan Austin
Best Companies


Employer branding in the midst of corporate change

During a period of corporate change, such as a rebrand or an acquisition, the employer brand is tested. Often, corporate change can be the driver for a reexamination of the employer brand. This session will examine best practice in managing an employer brand in the midst of corporate change. Speakers from companies that have undergone M&As, rebrands or corporate leadership changes will share their insights, successes and reputational achievements.

Tom Chesterton Tom Chesterton
Chief executive and co-founder

Mark Horley Mark Horley
Chief creative officer and co-founder

Aylin Halil Aylin Halil
Senior manager, head of employer brand

Emma Tunnicliffe Emma Tunnicliffe
Employer brand manager
Virgin Media


Ambassador programmes: do they really work?

Ambassadors are respected, well-networked, advocates of your brand. They can be used to promote a product, enhance a company’s culture or pipeline top talent into your business. During this session, Wiser will use its experience of running multiple award-winning ambassador programmes for clients such as L’Oréal, Knight Frank, Fidelity International and Deutsche Bank, to share best practice and help you understand if an ambassador programme could be the next best step for your business.



Amelia Birch Amelia Birch
Head of early careers

Saskia Cochrane Saskia Cochrane
Academy lead


Fostering an inclusive workplace

For many organisations, building a more inclusive and diverse workplace has been a benefit to their reputations. This session will feature speakers who have improved their their business from the inside out by focusing on wellbeing, diverse workforces and inclusive workplaces. Speakers will discuss the ways in which diversity and inclusion have improved perceptions of their companies as well as their employer brand positioning.

Catherine Adenle Catherine Adenle
Director, employer brand

Nicky Ivory-Chapman Nicky Ivory-Chapman
Head of talent management, people team
Channel 4

Dr Tracey Leghorn Dr Tracey Leghorn
Chief human resources and H&S officer




In-depth: Using research to build a stronger reputation

Research is essential to understanding a company’s culture. Without extensive research – about an employer brand and external brand – employer brand managers are at risk of wreaking reputational damage. But, by first understanding the current landscape and then developing an employer brand to build upon a company’s positioning, the employer brand can benefit the organisation’s overall reputation. This session will discuss research programmes and successful research-driven employer brand management strategies.

Simon McLoughlin Simon McLoughlin
Creed Comms

Beth Rowlands Beth Rowlands
Head of talent & skills UK


Innovation and the employer brand

Reaching employees with corporate messaging and building a stronger working culture has enabled companies to engage with innovative new practices and technologies. How have brands deployed podcasts, AR and VR technologies and virtual onboarding programmes? This session will explore the ways in which technology has become more accessible and will showcase employer brand managers who have successfully implemented innovative employer brand communications solutions.

Mike Perry Mike Perry
Head of digital

Catherine Hearn Catherine Hearn
Director, talent acquisition EMEA

Rob Lewis Rob Lewis
Employer branding assistant manager


Employer brand management and Covid-19

The needs of the employee have shifted over the past year. Employers have had to drastically adapt their ways of working, their support networks and their approaches to the employer brand. Speakers on this session will share the challenges they’ve had to face when adapting during the pandemic as well as the impact it may have on their employer brands in the future.

Helen Durkin Helen Durkin
Senior employer brand program manager (EMEA) - talent attraction

Alison Heron Alison Heron
Head of global employer brand

Eloise Ponting Eloise Ponting
Employer brand and talent attraction manager
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Nimai Swaroop Nimai Swaroop
Global director - employer branding and talent engagement
Philip Morris International


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Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas
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