WEDNESDAY 29 JUL 2020 9:00 AM - WEDNESDAY 29 JUL 2020 1:35 PM


Following the huge growth in the podcasting categories of it’s Corporate Content Awards, Communicate magazine launched PodComms, the first dedicated annual conference on corporate podcasting.

Podcasting is set to explode. Already reaching more consumers than satellite and streamed radio, it is now the second most consumed audio product behind broadcast radio. There is no denying its growth and with massive investment happening right now, 2020 is the year it consolidates its position in the mainstream. But it isn't just its growth as consumer media - corporate communications professionals are beginning to realise the potential of podcasting to reach the hearts and minds of all its stakeholder audiences.  

Attendees to PodComms learnt from, among others, the agencies, analytic firms, hosting companies and content firms. They were inspired by companies such as Shell, Deloitte, Burberry; companies already using corporate podcasting to forge links with their corporate audiences. Missed out on PodComms 2020? Register here to watch PodComms 2020 on demand.