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Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas
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Keynote: Your brain on Podcasts

In these times of major change and upheaval, consumers crave trust: friends, experts, the media. What's true of consumers is true of brands - looking for accountable, transparent, quality media, backed by relationships with reliable people. Podcasting provides trusted voices within trusted environments. But can podcast messaging cut through in a busy media environment? A major research study conducted byPodfront UK, Wondery and Mindshare Neuro Lab compared brain activity on the reaction to audio visual ads against visual only ads and audio only ads. Opening PodComms 2020, Ruth Fitzsimons, Managing Director at Podfront UK, shares the results of this research, illustrating how podcasting works on our brains and the impact on memory encoding, trust and emotional intensity.

Ruth Fitzsimons Ruth Fitzsimons
Managing director


Podcast tales: ADAMA 

Manufacturer and retailer of crop protection products Adama Agricultural Solutions wanted to connect with the UK farming sector. They turned the problem of their inaccessibility - farmers spend large amounts of time alone in tractor cabs and farm vehicles - into the solution; a series of interesting and thought-provoking podcasts. Most were recorded on a farm and featured the brand’s technical specialists, allowing Adama to use the project as a way to support and grow its core audience.

Alison Bosher Alison Bosher
Marketing director


Audience and Objectives

It is a truism that three of the most important components behind a successful podcast strategy can be defined as audience, audience, audience. But as with all communication strategies the need to define objectives and understand how they relate to audience needs is vital.

Des Paul Des Paul
The Podcast Works

Debbie Aurelius Debbie Aurelius
Director (and Podcaster)
Peppermint Fish (and Be a Bigger Fish)

Mike Newman Mike Newman
Head of UK content partnerships


Podcast Tales: Burberry Voices

The Burberry Voices podcast is an internal communications channel for all Burberry employees worldwide. The aim was to create something different to replace traditional internal comms, and allow leaders to connect with the wider business, through enjoyable, stimulating content. This session provides an insight on Burberry's success.

Miranda Dewdney-Herbert Miranda Dewdney-Herbert
Senior Internal Communications Manager


Podcasting through a crisis

With its 17,000 employees suddenly finding themselves working remotely, KPMG launched ‘The WFH Podcast’, made internally and turned around in a matter of days. With limited access to equipment, it was produced “on our phones, from our homes”.

During its 16 weeks lifespan, it interviewed a range of lockdown and lockeddown experts — Alastair Campbell, Alain de Botton, Bonnie Greer, Mr Motivator. It tackled KPMG’s reaction to Black Lives Matter and interviewed its Chairman - straight out of hospital having been very ill with COVID-19.

KPMG’s Dominic Reynolds talks to Communicate magazine’s Andrew Thomas on how podcasting helped KPMG’s staff tackle these tough times.

Dominic Reynolds Dominic Reynolds
Senior manager


Podcast Tales: Shell

As climate change pushed sustainability topics, Shell wanted to ensure that its various audiences were aware of its activities in renewable energy. Shell turned to podcasting to drive awareness and to gauge audience interest. The response surpassed expectations, with more than 43,000 downloads across the first five pilot episodes. The Shell podcast highlights how podcasts can reposition companies’ brand perspectives.

Neil Cowling Neil Cowling
Founder and Managing Director
Fresh Air Production

Claire Daly Claire Daly
Chief Editor, Digital Channels


Delivery and Reach

Podcasting already reaches more consumers than satellite and streamed radio and is now the second most consumed audio product behind broadcast radio. With consumer reach a given, how can organisations reach all their stakeholder audiences and what is the right delivery to engage them.

Neil Cowling Neil Cowling
Founder and Managing Director
Fresh Air Production

Molly Fuard Molly Fuard
Senior Manager, Product Strategy & Marketing


Podcast Tales: Deloitte

Accountancy and management consultancy can be technical and disengaging. To address this, professional services firm Deloitte launched ‘The Green Room by Deloitte.’ Hosts are recruited internally and the conversations aren’t scripted. Its downloads exceeded expectations and it gained a nod on Apple Podcasts’ top five business podcasts list. It won silver at last years Corporate Content Awards. Here, Deloitte shares the Green Room’s story.

Kaylin Duckitt Kaylin Duckitt
Internal Communications Assistant Manager



Having had the theory, and listened to the case studies, the final panel session of the day turns the focus to practical issues. Interviewing, editing, tone of voice; how to make the most of your podcasting assets.

Russell Goldsmith Russell Goldsmith
Audere Communications

Nia Singleton Nia Singleton
Community Relations & PR Manager
Tata Steel

Fritzi Wemheuer Fritzi Wemheuer
Deputy managing director
Intelligent Conversation


Closing panel discussion

The closing session will invite back some of the key speakers of the day for a unique interactive discussion on making the most of corporate podcasting.


Closing remarks

Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas
Publishing editor
Communicate magazine