FRIDAY 31 JUL 2009 2:54 PM


The Government-commissioned MacLeod Review – which highlights the importance of effective employee engagement to successful business performance – has received a broad thumbs-up from the UK’s largest internal communications body.

Published in mid-July, the report suggests that overall engagement levels within the UK need improvement, while also citing a raft of evidence that shows how high levels of employee engagement are inextricably linked to the successful achievement of commercial and other organisational objectives. It laid blame at the feet of leaders who fail to understand what employee engagement is and line managers with poor people skills.

“This report reinforces many things that we have been saying for some time,” said CIB chairman Dominic Walters. “We know that employee engagement is not a soft and fluffy subject but that it is just as important to the bottom line as product development, marketing or effective financial strategy.

“Organisations that are weak on employee engagement are in a worse position than ever, not least because the constant change being experienced in many work environments means that commitment by employer and employee to shared values is essential to maintaining consistency of purpose, productivity and motivation levels.”

David Macleod discusses his review on employee engagement