FRIDAY 6 AUG 2010 2:43 PM


The Chartered Institute of Public Relations is seeking input from the PR profession as it reviews its Social Media Guidelines. When the collaboration period closes at the end of September, the CIPR’s Social Media Panel will review the inputs, publish a final version and ensure the guidelines are updated to reflect new practices and tools as they emerge or develop.  Practitioners will also be encouraged to flag potential new inclusions, developments or areas where guidance would be helpful and to contribute case studies and examples of best practice campaigns.

The consultation will be led by CIPR Member and Social Media Panel contributor Stephen Waddington, MD, Speed (@wadds). “The CIPR Social Media Panel wants to ensure that CIPR members are well placed to take advantage of the huge opportunity that social media presents to the profession by providing guidance, tools and best practice,” he said. “What better way to develop a best practice consultation document than using social media as a platform for transparent collaboration and broad participation?”

Hosted on the CIPR's Wiki, practitioners and industry groups can input directly: