FRIDAY 10 DEC 2010 10:46 AM


The lobbying sector in the UK has grown swiftly over the past four years; a growth reflected in the 512 pages of the new edition of Who’s Who in Public Affairs.

The annual publication has doubled in size since 2007, despite the government's attempts to crackdown on its own use of lobbying, (Communicate magazine, August 2010) and the newly created register of UK lobbyists (Communicate magazine, Nov 2010) - an attempt at self regulation following recommendations made by the Public Administration Select Committee.

Over 3,000 individuals and 3,000 groups are listed, ranging from consultancies, to local authorities, to corporations and interest groups. The guide provides contact details for those seeking public affairs organisations to help communicate their political interests, and is published by DODS, the publisher of monthly magazine Public Affairs News.