TUESDAY 12 JAN 2010 10:38 AM


Moheko to bring transparency to pitch

A new comparison site is set to shake up the way companies compile pitch lists when selecting their annual reporting agency. Moheko – the brainchild of Robert Moser, former managing director of reporting agency Merchant and Mark Pullen latterly the FD at Geest PLC – is an independent online agency and budget comparison service which is set to launch this month. “It’s needed for four reasons,” said Moser. “Firstly, because PLCs feel agencies’ budgets aren’t comparable in terms of their scope or format.

“Secondly, because assembling a pitch list of agencies, all within a defined budget range, is hugely time-consuming.

“Thirdly, because large PLCs feel their market cap often amplifies agencies’ quotes, irrespective of a project’s complexity.

“And finally because at the moment it’s impossible for PLCs to anonymously and confidentially ‘sense-check’ an incumbent agency’s budget each year.”

Moheko claims to offer “utter comparability” with all budgets standardised in their scope and format. It also promises speedy transparency with PLCs able to order an agency and budget comparison report in 15 minutes.

The Moheko process is anonymous – when agencies quote for a PLC’s annual report project they don’t know who the PLC is. This also means that PLCs can sense-check an existing budget, without alerting either an incumbent agency or their competitors.

Moheko’s roster comprises the largest 16 paper and online agencies, and two online specialists. “It means that PLCs know whoever comes up can deliver,” said Moser. With the technology in place, Moser expects Moheko to move into different countries and across different professional services in the near future.


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