THURSDAY 21 JUN 2012 3:23 PM


Tissue brand, Velvet, is drawing attention to its CSR programme of planting millions of trees in Brazil, after hosting a premiere of its new documentary this morning.

The film demonstrates Velvet’s commitment to the environment by planting three trees for every one they use, which goes above the industry standard of 1:1.

The short film features presenter and environmentalist, Chris Packham and explores Velvet’s Three Trees Promise, a pioneering project to rectify deforestation and create bio-diversity.

The brand, owned by SCA, has partnered up with Brazilian forestry company, Amata, for a 14-year period due to their shared sustainable reforestation aims.

Sally Barker, managing director of Velvet says: “We share the same core values and ours are respect, excellence and responsibility. There was that same feeling of passion about doing something really great.”

As well as enabling reforestation in Brazil, Velvet’s support has provided timber to be used as a building material, and 300 jobs for local people.

Roberto Waak: president of Amata, says: “This scheme has given employment to local people and, as the project runs for many years, gives us security and an income to plant and maintain the trees. It is teaching people in Brazil that trees can provide value.”