WEDNESDAY 29 AUG 2012 2:27 PM


After investing heavily in the branding of its single malt whiskies, Bowmore, the oldest distillery on Islay, saw an 84 per cent rise in profits this year. In an effort to continue that meteoric increase, the distillery has partnered with River Cottage.

The partnership will solidify the Bowmore brand’s relationship to Islay in both whisky and food. River Cottage, a decidedly outdoorsy brand itself, helps solidify Bowmore’s identity as an outdoorsy whisky.

“We’re really excited to be further establishing Bowmore’s relationship with food and the outdoors with the foraging activity,” Kristeen Beeston, head of brands says. “The partnership with Gill and John is a great fit for the brand, we hope the recipes will inspire consumers to enjoy whisky and food in a fresh and innovative way.”

In celebrating Bowmore’s 15-year-old Darkest whisky, the distillery partnered with London-based chocolatier Paul A. Young for an evening exploring Islay, stargazing and tasting the exclusive Bowmore Darkness hot chocolate. Bowmore also debuted a new website in August to update its image.

The River Cottage partnership has yielded six recipes with ingredients foraged in Islay and paired with Bowmore’s Single Malt.

Whisky/food partnerships are not revolutionary, though Bowmore is hoping that its River Cottage venture will continue its recent growth. American distiller Jack Daniels has been successful in its ability to brand Jack as an everyday ingredient. The company has produced recipes and foods featuring its whisky for years and popular restaurant chain TGI Friday’s offers Jack-branded meals.

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