WEDNESDAY 5 SEP 2012 10:44 AM


In the latest of a string of UK food company branding moves, Maldon Salt Company has redesigned its approach to social media in honour of its 130th birthday. Profero, a digital media agency, created the ‘Desert Island Dishes’ campaign to spice up the salt company’s social media presence.

Maldon’s existing Twitter feed is rife with tasty recipes and photos all linking to the new Maldon blog, around which the campaign is centred. The Essex-based family-run company has enlisted the services of food bloggers and journalists to develop and discuss its recipes on Youtube and the Maldon blog.

“Maldon is a unique product and brand that draws a lot of enthusiastic support from consumers and naturally engages people who are passionate about food,” marketing manager at Maldon Virginia Lana says.

Integrated social media benefits a business when it has a clear purpose and promotes diversified content, in addition to its own products. Maldon Salt’s recipe-based food blog-centric social media campaign ticks all necessary boxes.

The introductory blog post claims that Maldon is the first salt manufacturer to write a blog. It joined Facebook on 29 August and already has 344 likes. By integrating its social media endeavours, Maldon is attempting to promote its brand in a unified manner.

Last week, the Bowmore whisky distillery partnered with recipe maestros at River Cottage to promote its brand.