WEDNESDAY 12 SEP 2012 3:23 PM


The latest of many charity rebrandings features a merger between Prostate Action and the Prostate Cancer Charity, under the latter’s June rebranding as Prostate Cancer UK.

The organisations hope to increase their lobbying power and research resources with the merger and rebrand. But the decision is consumer-oriented too, as it will simplify matters for men seeking support. Prostate Cancer UK will spend £1.5 million on a media and digital advertising campaign beginning in the new year.

The decision by the Prostate Cancer Charity to rebrand as Prostate Cancer UK was undertaken to raise awareness of the charity promote funding for what will be the most common form of cancer by 2030. It expects to see its £22 million income triple by 2015 as a result of the merger and January promotional campaign.

Mark Bishop, director of fundraising says, “It seemed as if this was probably the best thing for men with prostate cancer or prostate makes sense for donors to have a single organisation to relate to.”

Cancer Research UK, Samaritans and the Snowdon Trust all announced rebrandings last month, hoping to encourage fundraising and boost awareness. But the Prostate Cancer UK’s motivation to increase it’s lobbying appeal comes in the midst of the ongoing Parliamentary debate about an institutionalised lobby register. Yesterday, an early day motion was raised in Parliament urging the adoption of a register of lobbyists.

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