WEDNESDAY 10 OCT 2012 9:37 AM


The London Olympics boosted sales for sponsors, it saw a sky-rocketing use of social media, it promoted sport across the country and the world and it increased client budgets for PR spending.

The Olympic effect is promising in the short-term, but the industry will rely on an improving economy as a whole for continued expansion. The PRCA found that 30 per cent of surveyed PR consultancies believed that this would be the case in the coming years.

The PRCA poll revealed that 16 per cent of respondents have seen client-side budget increases since the Games. This should lead to an increase in staff and freelancing numbers to meet the higher demand.

“Compared to national statistics these figures are as promising as they are impressive,” Francis Ingham, PRCA Chief Executive, says. “The much feared post-Olympic slump for the PR industry has failed to materialise. Our client-matching service remains very busy and discussions with members suggest that there is a lot of new business out there.”

The industry as a whole is experiencing confidence. A recent VMA Group survey of public affairs professionals found that most were confident in their industry’s resilience and growth through the new year. Promotion of future increase to the UK’s digital and communications industry has been addressed by BIMA, which today is hosting a Digital Day in secondary schools across the country.

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