TUESDAY 6 NOV 2012 4:26 PM


It has never been easier to share the sepia-toned, vintage-inspired photo of a building and some autumn leaves. Instagram has introduced web profiles.

Last week, rumours swirled around Twitter potentially allowing photo uploaders to have access to Instagram-esque filters to streamline the process of uploading to Twitter. Instagram, for its part, one-upped the microblogger and just announced the launch of web profiles for its users.

Now, Instagram’s 100 million users will have a built-in online outlet for all their photo sharing needs. The new profiles benefit from Facebook’s billion-dollar acquisition of Instagram with a Timeline-like design. Photostreams will be integrated automatically into the new profiles and users will be able to share and browse content directly online, eliminating the need to transfer photos from Instagram to other social networks.

However, uploading to Instagram will remain the remit of the mobile world as the new web features do not allow photo sharing directly to the web as it hopes to maintain its mobile-first strategy.

Though Twitter has yet to confirm the rumours, its potential foray into photo altering could be thrown askew by Instagram’s ownership of a web-based content sharing platform. The trouble for Twitter arises from Facebook's ownership of Instagram and the threat of the latter eliminating the relevance of the former as a photo-sharing outlet.

Web profiles should be available to all users within the next week.