TUESDAY 13 NOV 2012 12:31 PM


Employee engagement has become a labyrinth for internal communications teams to navigate as loyalty wanes and companies expand.

A report by YouGov and Calling Brands outlines the issues facing employee engagement. Earlier this year, a survey by Hyphen found that only two-fifths of employees in Britain felt loyal toward their employers. The Calling Brands research has suggested a continuation of this trend and offers advice enhance employee engagement.

The report points to purpose as the focal point around which employee loyalty, retention and engagement revolve. Sixty-four percent of those polled say they feel loyal toward businesses with a defined purpose.

“Purpose provides context and rationale,” Helena Christopher, head of brand for European operations at QBE Group, says. “It helps people understand why the company is pursuing a certain direction. If they can understand why, then they are more likely to deliver on it. People will give more. For the average employee, delivering shareholder value does not seem that exciting, but delivering a purpose is.”

The research advises that employers, beginning at the board level, outline governing principles or a greater purpose in order to improve internal communications and engagement. This will increase employee trust and improve the relationship employees have with their employers.

Employers have been facing low engagement rates throughout the year. The Calling Brands and YouGov suggestions of stronger engagement from the top of organisations aligns with recent research by Grant Thornton. The survey found found that only one in 20 annual reports feature chairmen discussing corporate culture and governance practice.

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