WEDNESDAY 16 JAN 2013 12:44 PM


The long-awaited rebrand of ITV went live this week, prompting lukewarm reviews on Twitter but providing a unified identity for its five subsidiary channels.

Ahead of the rebrand, the management team at ITV underwent organisational changes, prompting the desire to enhance the profile ITV Creative, its in-house team. One of the main features of the new identity is the colour-picking logo. The main cursive-scripted ITV logo will be placed on top of on-air images and will pick colours from them to best blend the logo into the on-screen content.

"The rebranding of ITV will allow us to further cement the relationship in viewers' minds between our shows and the ITV brand that produces and broadcasts them," Rufus Radcliffe, group director of marketing and research at ITV, says. "We now have a consistent identity across everything that we do, all rooted in our positioning as a media brand that is at the heart of popular culture.”

All of ITV’s channels have been designated individual idents and colour schemes under the former ITV1, now simply ITV, branding. The new identity features five colours and was carried out by the ITV Creative team in collaboration with Rudd Studio and Fontsmith, the latter of which helped develop the bespoke typeface for the new logo. ITV’s website has also been revamped.

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