MONDAY 11 FEB 2013 11:42 AM


The mission of the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) is to ‘provide an efficient and effective postal and courier service in order to sustain the fighting power of UK armed forces worldwide.’ That remit will be reinforced with a mobile rebrand implemented by Locassa Ltd.

The blue envelopes known to serving members of the armed forces and their families have been tracked by an iPhone and iPad app for about a year. However, Locassa was called in to revamp the app and provide more effective postal information to those serving overseas. Along the way, the mobile identity of the brand was modernised as well.

Simon Lee, CEO of Locassa says the agency was required to work within the strict brand guidelines already established by the BFPO. However, the design team developed a new way to brand the BFPO on a mobile platform.

Lee says, “We showed the BFPO team and they loved it, we weren’t expecting them to adopt the new branding at all, but now they are rolling it out to their other products and services. We built them an app and defined their new brand in one go, we’re incredibly proud.”

What was intended to give a human face to a functional app resulted in a new mobile brand and a new way for the BFPO to reach its audience.