FRIDAY 22 MAR 2013 2:35 PM


Over 240 million hours of video are watched each month in the UK. Mobile video consumption is up 33.7% in Asia-Pacific since 2011. Ad impressions from mobile video spiked by 84% in the fourth quarter of 2012.

If internet-based video was revolutionary in 2006, mobile video is here and now.

In the social landscape, Twitter has been pushing six-second snaps on Vine while Vimeo swears by GIFs as the future of mobile video. From a business standpoint, however, Qumu, a business video platform provider, has announced its expansion into Frankfurt, the UK, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific to meet increased demand for corporate video in those regions.

The company has seen its client base expand by about half over the last year. For companies, videos provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience internally. Employees with access to smartphones and tablets can engage with internal communications in a more social, dialogue-driven way.

Sona Hathi, global research manager for the Strategic Communication Management Journal at Melcrum says, “Through smarter integration, our most pioneering members are turning this traditionally one-way channel into a social and personalized experience for employees, with opportunities for learning and development also emerging. When the desired outcomes are clear video is an influential, versatile and most importantly, measurable enterprise communication tool.”

For Qumu that translates to a wider reach as companies establish workforces and gain investors from around the world. Engaging those audiences through video has given Qumu the opportunity to help more companies improve communications within their organisations, SVP at Qumu, Vern Hanzlik, says.