THURSDAY 18 JUL 2013 3:39 PM


In any industry, the way a company is represented in the press, in advertising or on the internet has a clear impact on that company’s brand reputation and a communication campaign’s ROI. Part of maintaining that reputation relies on the knowledge of where that company’s brand is, particularly in the wide world of online marketing.

Project Sunblock, a brand protection company that verifies websites for brand communications teams, has teamed up with Digital Element whose geolocation technology will allow more accurate assurance of brand reputation security online.

This intelligence will allow for the monitoring of websites to ensure that brand content is represented accurately and on appropriate websites.

“Working with Project Sunblock allows us to showcase the important role geography plays in protecting a brand online,” said Kate Owen, MD of Digital Element, says. “As online trading platforms become increasingly automated and arbitrage networks increase the possibility of ads being served in the wrong location, verification that advertising is being served in the right location is no longer a nice to have. It is vital to a campaign’s success, both in terms of ROI and brand reputation.”

Ensuring the location and security of branded content online will allow communications teams more control over their company's reputation.