MONDAY 22 JUL 2013 11:04 AM


The National Union of Students (NUS) is comprised of thousands of members, tons of areas of activity and 600 individual student unions. It had a visual identity that was functional, but not flexible enough to effectively unify the massive organisation.

In came Spencer du Bois with a plan to unify and reinvigorate the NUS through a rebrand.

Executive director Max du Bois says, “We’ve given an iconic organisation a much needed make-over and a powerful way to harness and direct all their activities. In these noisy times, coherence, understanding and engagement is everything.”

The new identity is simple and student-centred, but flexible enough to apply to all of the organisation’s assets. It will also roll out across the NUS’ digital properties with a tool allowing individual student unions to directly connect with the NUS platform.

Spencer Du Bois worked with NfP Synergy, a charity research company, to determine what the seven million students involved with the NUS wanted from the organisation. Du Bois says the new brand will deepen the understanding of the NUS and encourage members and students to perceive it as more than just a discount provider via membership card.

He adds that the rebrand will give the NUS the ability and confidence to both carry out their day to day work and to push for change on a national scale, as the organisation has been at the forefront of seeking political action on behalf of student issues.