MONDAY 29 JUL 2013 4:08 PM


Last week, a new video production company debuted a masculine, unique visual identity. This week, a woman-led production firm is debuting a decidedly female brand.

Madam, founded by a trio of female producers, is intrinsically provocative. BETC London designed a branding system featuring photographs of lingerie imprinted into flesh and the word ‘madam’ spelled out across naked bits of anatomy.

Simon Morris, head of art at BETC, says, “The name Madam is a gift with a rich set of raw materials for any designer. But it was important to choose the less obvious, clichéd connotations and be subtle and sophisticated with the visuals – rather than show a suspender belt we suggest the presence of one.”

The name was intended to oppose the stereotype it implies and reflect the independent outlook of the three women behind the startup venture. Madams have, throughout history, been portrayed as strong businesswomen with a keen understanding of their industry. That concept appealed to Madam’s leadership.

Though the name is provocative and eye-catching, BETC faced some challenges when approaching the brief. The branding could have strayed into the realm of tacky or of voyeurism but the ironic yet subtly saucy photography yielded the right amount of bare skin to the appropriate amount of sophisticated elegance, say BETC.