TUESDAY 12 NOV 2013 3:13 PM


In an age where boy bands are recorded as one of the top influencers on Twitter, Lissted challenges this big data approach with the polar of small data.

The Lissted web app, which allows for social listening, has just been launched by Real Wire. It seeks to identify relevant discussions and individuals on Twitter and other online interfaces.

Cheif executive, Adam Parker, says this is a stark contrast to ‘‘most social listening tools, [which] record everything, then desperately try to filter the noise.’’ Journalists, politicians, organisations, and analysts alike, have now been offered a new alternative search tool, one that avoids indentifying a topic via the quantity of mentions it has incurred, but rather by its importance.

Real Wire has attempted to address the deficiency machines posses in finding appropriate data, and developed a remedy in the form of Lissted. Stephen Waddington, European digital and social media director at Ketchum, comments ‘‘Lissted has the potential to modernise media relations and make it far more efficient.’’