WEDNESDAY 15 JAN 2014 1:37 PM


The Lobbying Bill, which is currently in its report stage, has still failed to articulate a consensus and is currently undergoing amendments. The bill was sent to a consultation period in early November, with amendments set to be released in February. These amendments were to tackle the concerns of lobbyists and public affairs bodies about the effectiveness of the limited register that was initially proposed in the bill.

The Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) has been a strong advocate for the implementation of a statutory lobbying register to eliminate any opacity in lobbying.

In light of this, PRCA director general Francis Ingham says, ‘‘We have deep concerns over Clause 4 which would require every registrant to abide by any code of conduct. This amendment has the real potential to undermine established and successful codes and remove the distinction between those who are signed up to established codes and those that are not.’’

Among those who share PRCA’s discontent towards the bill's amendments include a diverse range of people like UN Official Maina Kiai, Christian Aid and Lord Harries of Pentregarth.

Ingham adds, ‘‘The House of Lords has a tangible opportunity within its grasp to change the Lobbying Bill for the better. The time to prove their commitment to transparency and standards is now.’’

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