TUESDAY 26 NOV 2013 10:47 AM


When was the last time you received a good read?

National Book Tokens, assisted by Maxus, have launched an advertising campaign to promote gifting book tokens this Christmas.

The marketing strategy will harness publicity through a combination of channels; both online and print media, as well as national press websites and Facebook will be summoned. The initiative also includes an interactive element in the form of a competition, where readers are encouraged to guess the title of books.

The business is aiming to take advantage of the buying season, as well as sustain impetus for Camboodle, the National Book Token’s new reward scheme.

Alex de Berry, managing director, National Book Tokens, says, ‘‘Christmas is the most important time of the year for book sellers large and small. Our seasonal advertising campaign reminds shoppers of the ease and convenience of gifting a National Book Token. The use of a puzzle based competition mechanic looks set to drive additional registrations to our Caboodle loyalty scheme which is a vital marketing tool for booksellers across the country.’’

Katy Clarkson, client services director, Maxus comments, ‘‘National Book Tokens is a brand with a long heritage, a strong association with gifting and offers a wonderful way to ensure the next generation of book buyers become familiar with both bricks-and-mortar book shops and physical books.’’