MONDAY 2 DEC 2013 12:16 PM


A new journey has been mapped out for a travel agent association.

Advantage Travel Centres has recently altered its name to Advantage Travel Partnership to represent its amalgamation of corporate and leisure members more effectively. 

 This identity rebrand explicitly illustrates the business’ services coming together under a universal distinctiveness.

Managing director Julia Lo Bue-Said says, ‘‘We believe this is a significant step forward as The Advantage Travel Partnership better describes the special relationship we have with our members and more clearly articulates to the customer, whether leisure holidaymaker or corporate traveller, the enhanced value we offer to the relationship they have with their Advantage member.’’

Along with the name change, Advantage has installed a new help desk for members purchasing tickets and a programme to assist with success within the market.

Bue-Said adds, ‘‘We are truly excited about the emergence of this new and significantly more meaningful brand identity.’’


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