TUESDAY 10 DEC 2013 12:40 PM


Newsbetter, a new software platform to improve companies’ distribution of internal news, has been released. 

The main challenges Newsbetter aims to tackle include: improving the efficiency of news delivery to stakeholders, make content more focused, encourage employee engagement, be more organised in terms of gauging topic popularity, and make news more accessible.

Chairman Nick Wheelwright, former CEO of video-game publisher Codemasters, commented, ‘‘we believe that anyone using Newsbetter will see the huge value in it, so we are making it extremely easy to trial. Interested parties simply have to make the initial call or email us and we can take care of the rest.’’

The traditional way newsletters are processed and consumed is essentially being challenged. News can be accessed through various means and within seconds. It can also be shared instantaneously. Hence, the weekly email update seems outdated, and greater adaptability may be required.