THURSDAY 27 FEB 2014 12:35 PM


Inspiration can come from many places and exert a powerful influence. Starbucks has an existing relationship with the ‘inspiration’ value and continues to engender it through its Youth Action programme.

Starbucks and Edelman found through its Youth Inspiration Index – a survey of 1,000 plus young people – that being results-driven and industriousness are the qualities that most define inspirational leaders. The Youth Action project – now in its third year – supports young people through grants for inspirational projects.

Simon Redfern, director of corporate affairs for Starbucks UK, says, “Our future leaders see hard work, integrity and commitment as the most admirable characteristics in inspiring figures and it seems for millennials, actions speak louder than words. With half of our UK workforce aged under 25 years, we know this generation has a lot to offer.”

Charlotte Hill, CEO of UK Youth, a partner organisation, says the programme allows young people the opportunity to plan and manage a project and budget all while pursuing their dreams.

Past youth-led projects that received Youth Action funding include Fit2Box, a non-contact boxing workout experience run by boxer Patrick Diai, a photography exhibition called ‘London Walks’ and a 7-a-side football tournament in Wembley.

Starbucks’ stated mission is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time.” The Youth Action programme is one way in which the company is achieving that objective.

Applications by 16-24s can be made online or in Starbucks stores.