FRIDAY 28 FEB 2014 3:55 PM


As its name suggests, Air Inuit plays an essential role connecting the Inuit-populated Nunavik coastal regions with the rest of Quebec, Canada, and it is this cultural influence that has had the biggest impact on the airway’s recent rebrand.

Due to the area’s natural resources, and consequent infrastructural development, Air Inuit has received an increase in demand for air transport services and this led to a company-wide modernization which has culminated in a bold new livery design.

The Avataq Cultural Institute and local community were consulted to give Air Inuit a genuine cultural and historical relevance, and this comes across in the visual design. Whilst the orange and white goose design is a nod to the importance of wildlife and nature for Inuit people it is also influenced by Dutch designer MC Escher. A new and exclusive typeface was also created called Air Inuit Sans which is bold and rounded, and gains inspiration from Inukitut syllabics.

The new identity and livery was designed by Montreal-based FEED in collaboration with brand consultant Marc-Andre Chaput who says, "It was a great privelege to work on this project, although it also came with the burden of responsibility. We weren't just rebranding an airline, but creating a symbol that would reflect a rich and ancient culture that has often fallen victim to negative stereotyping. We wanted our work to represent the airline's connectedness to the Inuit while evoking a sense of pride and optimism among future generations of Canada's first inhabitants."