MONDAY 7 DEC 2015 4:40 PM


It’s no secret that video is becoming more popular among internal communicators. Nor is it surprising that video is being used more and more across corporate communications. However, with the production of video comes the need to manage it. Internal communicators are often charged with the commissioning, creative direction, management and distribution of video to the internal audience.

Understanding the ways in which video can succeed for the internal audience, and the challenges facing internal communicators, is more important than ever. Communicate magazine and professional video platform Buto are undertaking research to analyse the ways in which video is being used by internal communicators, how employees are engaged through video and the ways in which video will impact IC in the future.

“Video consistently and successfully plays a diverse role in internal communications; from the CEO’s highly confidential strategic messages, to staff training and induction. What makes video different to other channels is its ability to tell stories that the audience can both see and hear,” Jeremy Stinton, chief operating officer at Buto, says. “The right stories fill the audience with emotion, with the knock-on effect of creating a buzz, embedding key messages, getting people talking and making people feel connected. With the right content, in the right place for the right audience it’s powerful stuff.”

Internal communicators, HR managers and communications professionals responsible for employee engagement are encouraged to share their experiences in the ‘Future of video for internal communications’ survey. The six-minute survey will be complemented by a roundtable discussion to tackle the issues of security, creativity and the impact of video on the internal audience.

The quantitative and qualitative research will be analysed in a feature article in an upcoming issue of Communicate. Survey respondents will receive a complimentary six-month subscription to Communicate magazine.

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