THURSDAY 31 MAR 2016 9:31 AM


Sony Pictures Television Networks launched its free app, Picture This, to encourage users to capture and post images of a better world in support of its global environmental campaign.

Through this campaign, Sony Pictures Television hopes to bring attention to the environmental issues affecting different regions around the globe, and collectively make an impact through storytelling. Users are encouraged to post photographs of beautiful urban or rural areas that illustrate what a better world can look like, and the efforts that can be put in to accomplish it.

“Through photo storytelling, we’re inviting everyone to capture and share images of a better place, a more sustainable community and a cleaner environment,” said Andy Kaplan, president of worldwide networks for Sony Pictures Television.

With 45 participating networks reaching out to 178 countries in 30 different languages, the aim is to bring attention to environmental issues specific to each region and make a difference with joint global efforts to sustain a clean environment for future communities.

In the UK, the average household has £4000 worth of clothes, 30% of which has not been worn in at least a year. Approximately half of the population simply throw away clothing, where over 30% goes to landfill. Sony Pictures Television, in cooperation with UK charity, Traid, encourages the recycling of unwanted clothes. The London office will provide clothing banks for employees to recycle their clothes, with additional on-air and online campaigns to show its audience how to re-use or recycle clothing.

The app was developed by REDspace and is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


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