FRIDAY 13 MAY 2016 2:00 PM


Wings for Life, the spinal cord research charity, has partnered with Jeep UK for its annual Wings for Life World Run.

The 4x4 manufacturer will provide the Catcher Car, which chases down runners during the UK leg of the Wings for Life World Run.

The Catcher Car sets of 15 minutes after the race participants, driving at 15 kilometres per hour. A competitor’s run is over when the car catches-up with them, and the race continues until the last runner is caught.

Damien Dally, head of brand at Jeep UK, says, “We are excited to be able to partner with such a unique and important charity as Wings for Life. Jeep vehicles are fit for drivers of varying physical capabilities and so we are proud to partner with a charity that aims to get the whole world moving. We want to wish all the participants the very best of luck as they try to outrun the Jeep Catcher Car.”

The Wings for Life World Run takes place in 34 locations worldwide. All 34 will start at the same time across the globe – 12:00 BST on 8 May – with Cambridge hosting the UK race. Jeep ambassadors; surfer, Andrew Cotton, and snowboarder, Aimee Fuller, will take part in the UK race.

Cotton, says, “I competed last year and got to 16 miles before being caught. I am hoping to beat my personal best this time.”


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