FRIDAY 20 APR 2018 2:11 PM


Markets are driven by choice. Consumers have so many options that brands that fail to deliver pay dearly for their mistakes. Once business is lost, it’s difficult to regain.

Companies that don’t understand that will not survive. The likes of American Motors, Burger Chef, Eastern Airlines, Nokia and Woolworth’s are prominent brand casualties that failed to differentiate. To avoid a similar fate, brands have to find a way to set themselves apart. In an upcoming webinar alongside Brand Lounge, on 25 April, we will discuss how brands uncover their points of differentiation and weave them into every organisational touchpoint to maximise brand value and business performance.

Separating a brand from its competitors relies on an organisation understanding what makes it unique, from a product, brand or story point of view. Brands are battling for attention; those who win will be those that deploy research-driven brand strategies that trigger instant recognition about their point of differentiation.

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