THURSDAY 28 JUN 2018 12:29 PM


On the occasion of both the CIPR’s and NHS’ celebration of 70 years of establishment, the two organisations collaborated to offer NHS communicators exclusive access to CIPR services.

Sarah Hall, CIPR president, says, “We often talk about the drive to professionalism and our aspiration for membership of a professional body to be a prerequisite for employers. This is an important step in that direction for one of the UK’s largest employers on its seventieth anniversary and I hope many of the NHS’s hardworking comms professionals will be inspired to take advantage.”

In the framework of the CIPR’s 70th anniversary, the organisation has also published its third and final Platinum Podcast. The Platinum Podcasts are a three-part series on modern public relations, produced by Audere Communications. The name of the podcasts is a reference to the CIPR's forthcoming book, Platinum, which has also served as the inspiration for the podcasts.

The final instalment includes an interview with Liz Davies, head of communications at South Tyneside & City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trusts, and Jen Robson, head of communications for the North East Enterprise Partnership. The interview addresses the various challenges of the modern public sector of communications, with the guests talking about managing to not compromise value under small budgets.

Rachel Royall, director of communications at NHS Digital, says, “Over the last 20 years I’ve benefited from professional networks, training, qualifications and I’ve also met some of my closest friends through the CIPR. As a communicator in the public sector it is great to learn from professionals across the broadest spectrum of industries and backgrounds and to bring that learning back into my role as a communicator in the NHS.”

NHS employees will be given a £70 discount off the first year of CIPR joining subscriptions, as well as a 10% discount on CIPR Training workshops.

NHS' communications professionals are responsible for the NHS's 'brand,' having the ability to build reputation, gain and maintain trust, as well as establish strong stakeholder dialogue. The collaboration of the two companies aims to help NHS' communicators and enhance its communications sector, which is key in order to promote a majorly underfunded organisation. By 

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