TUESDAY 9 OCT 2018 11:08 AM


A nominee for the 2018 Digital Impact Awards, Living Group works in the professional services sector to improve communications and creativity. Duncan Shaw discusses the value of video in this context

In the 1980s, we were told that video had killed the radio star. The arrival of consumer internet a decade later ushered in what should by now be a golden age of video-enhanced content. Broadcasting was suddenly no longer just for broadcasters or 30 second TV ads; brands could get in on the act and dominate the space. But progress has been slow, and many non-FMCG brands, particularly in the B2B and professional services sector, have been reluctant to commit to video content. This is a pity. Putting your brand in motion can attract new audiences, be less complex and more cost-effective than you think – and enable far greater engagement and ROI.  

Take a look at your LinkedIn feed and you’ll see that static ads still dominate the promotional real estate. Why is this? According to HubSpot’s recent research report, 54% of respondents want to see more video content from businesses and brands they support. In a world in which social content is increasingly video-based – and mass streaming sites like YouTube (with its 1bn active users) have transformed media consumption – consumers don’t just want to see more video, they expect it. Manufacturers and tech brands instinctively get this; no wonder they currently lead the video pack.

Now is the time to start looking at how video, in all its shapes and sizes – from corporate overviews to helpful guides and testimonials – can have an energising effect on your brand presence online, providing a showcase for your brand story and much more.

As our ongoing Living Ratings analysis of brand and digital intelligence makes clear, videos are essential dynamic content assets that engage audiences. Quality video with interesting content is a vital hook to capture the attention and according to Forbes, because of its visual nature, 80% of users can recall a video they’ve seen in the past 30 days.

There’s no need to make a feature film. Quite the opposite – short and snappy is best. What could six seconds do for you? The rise of the six second ‘bumper ad’ online – and the ‘micro content’ revolution, where less is definitely more – means that brands should focus on telling concise stories that convey what really matters.

Could your six seconds be a mini-trailer or teaser for deeper content elsewhere? Or maybe animated copy that poses a thought-provoking question? You decide. What’s key here is your brand – keeping your video content consistent and on brand and will help your whole website sing.

The smartphone is now the centrepiece of day-to-day communications. Twitter itself says 90% of the video on its platform is viewed on a mobile device, so it’s imperative to ensure that your video content is scalable and mobile-friendly from the outset.

The market is out there. The audience is out there. Today, your task as digital marketers is to make your message relevant, and your brand language consistent, to create ownable video content that feels fresh and unique to you and your brands. Then choose from a plethora of channels – and start engaging.

Duncan Shaw is the co-founder & executive creative director at Living Group