MONDAY 4 FEB 2019 12:48 PM


French multinational insurance company AXA is a firm supporter of genetic research. To demonstrate its commitment to the field, the company has released a series of videos on the importance of genetics for longer, healthier lives.

Genetic research can help people live better and longer lives. Insurance company AXA firmly believes in this statement, and it aims to support the field with a new initiative released in January. In a recent partnership with Sky, the company has rolled out a three-part series of films on the importance of genetic research and how genes connect to longevity.

Featuring stories about dementia, brain cancer and Parkinson’s patients, the documentary shows a way to connect video content to company beliefs. AXA, which operates in healthcare as well, has openly invested in the field over the last ten years with its own research fund and has partnered with genomicist Peter Joshi to produce the documentary.

However, the documentary is not AXA’s only attempt to support the company’s values through content: the first film was on driverless cars, drawing on the car insurance side of the business, with a third episode still to be announced.

For the company, the new initiative is an attempt to show how “AXA is daring to be different,” Sky Media’s director of partnerships Rachel Bristow says, “using engaging content to demonstrate how its research is shaping the future of health and technology.”

AXA’s partnership with Sky is sure to inspire many other businesses around the world, willing to experiment new uses of content in the near future.


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